• DispleasedScottie

    Why does Ghast exist? Why is he invisible if it only creates difficulty that forces others to play Porto?

    It's implied in the story that demons rose up because of humans ripping the earth apart. Ghast is an invisible ghost/demon who can breath fire. Is Ghast a rebel demon who rose up against his brothers and sisters, or is he a dead miner? Maybe the unknown miner is who Ghast was originally,  before he died. In this theory I'm assuming that Ghast is a ghost.

    In an interview, Karvina said:

    "Killswitch was designed to be a unique playing experience....The fates of Porto and her beloved Ghast are as unknowable as our own..."

    Porto says in the game "I knew this man when he was alive." Maybe she's hinting at a relationship between the two. Given, i…

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  • AlixeTiir

    My theory on the eyes

    August 3, 2014 by AlixeTiir

    Karvina has made multiple eye related posts on their Twitter . My conjecture is that perhaps they're not the mastermind behind all this, and themselbes being watched, especially since they say that the second eye was discover, but they don't know by whom. They also claimed it was the carcass of a demon, and that they were tracking a lead. The mastermind never needs to track a lead because he knows all the pieces, so clearly Karvina is not a mastermind.

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  • Porto881


    January 4, 2014 by Porto881

    Some asshole is griefing all the pages, thinking this whole thing is a 'troll attempt' and shit. He's trying to wreck all the pages, too.

    Why can't he just let us believe what we want? He's the idiot for NOT believing in Killswitch.

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  • AlixeTiir

    We need categories.

    June 1, 2013 by AlixeTiir

    In case no one has noticed, there are no categories on this wiki. When time is available, I will make some and all Killswitch related pages to a Killswitch category.

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  • Porto881

    GENESIS, a video by KARVINACORP was just released. Apparently KARVINA sent this to TheRetroDemon, a youtuber who investigates urban-legends and myths in gaming, as well as sending it to ghast1989. Retro made a reply called Killswitch - Contact. I suggest you fellow Slovatik workers(this is a JOKE, I don't think you're actually slovatik workers) check it out.

    It's damn creepy. Trust me.

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