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Karvina Corporation is the supposed creator of Killswitch, What Happened to Agent Small, Gargantua, and Guest at the Table of Heaven.[1] Named for the town they started in, Karvina was known for their clever existential puzzles, mind-games, and uncanny horror. Many of Karvina's games were also possible political statements.[2] Bizarrely, their tagline seems to state that the provide the best quality games since 1989, despite being founded in 1984;[3] a possible explanation for this is that games that preceded Killswitch were not considered good quality, and thus the tagline doesn't apply to them. Presumably, they operate the KARVINACORP channel on youtube. 

The logo Karvina uses in their avatars.

Known EmployeesEdit



  1. overrun with viagra ads, but semi-readable.

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