• Porto881


    January 4, 2014 by Porto881

    Some asshole is griefing all the pages, thinking this whole thing is a 'troll attempt' and shit. He's trying to wreck all the pages, too.

    Why can't he just let us believe what we want? He's the idiot for NOT believing in Killswitch.

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  • Porto881

    GENESIS, a video by KARVINACORP was just released. Apparently KARVINA sent this to TheRetroDemon, a youtuber who investigates urban-legends and myths in gaming, as well as sending it to ghast1989. Retro made a reply called Killswitch - Contact. I suggest you fellow Slovatik workers(this is a JOKE, I don't think you're actually slovatik workers) check it out.

    It's damn creepy. Trust me.

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